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Law – an insight into a rewarding career
By HEMA RAMAN, Professor of Law and Mentor, Sriram Law Academy.

 At a time, when millions are milling towards Engineering and IT fields, a small but significant number of students are showing inclination towards the legal studies. Once, thought of as a career with limited options, today it has emerged as a dynamic area of study with application cutting across boundaries such as trade, finance, corporate, NGOs, international relations, cyber world and so on.

Career Avenues in the field of law:-
1. Legal practice:-

Gone are the days when lawyers were confined to the civil and criminal sides of legal practice. Increasing number of young law graduates are today looking at practising emerging branches of law such as IPR, Taxation, Environment law, Human Rights. Arbitration is yet another off shoot which is gaining prominence with more and more corporates preferring it over litigation. Law graduates desirous of legal practice, join a law firm or a senior lawyer who specializes in a particular field of law. This way, they learn the nuances associated lawyering and gain expertise in that field. Litigation is a very thrilling and challenging field, though money in the initial days might just trickle in, once a lawyer is well established, sky is literally the limit!

2. Law Firm:-
With top international and national law firms making a beeline to the law schools to recruit students, coupled with the fact that they woo the law graduates with high-flying salaries and perks, joining a law firm soon after passing out of a law school is the “in” thing.
In a law firm, these associates are involved in work relating to mergers / acquisition, capital structuring, legal due diligence, co-ordinating in getting regulatory approvals from respective authorities and advising clients on legal ramifications involved in the various transactions.

Established top law firms offer Rs 12 lakhs upwards to freshers from National Law Schools.

3. Corporate Counsel:-
Large Business firms, Public sector undertakings, Multinational companies, Banks, Government of India undertakings recruit law graduates to manage the legal affairs of the company. Drawing contracts and collective bargaining agreements, dealing with government regulations and patents, representing the company in legal proceedings and taking part in settlement negotiations etc; falls within the purview of their job content. This nature of job is ideal for candidates who look for job stability, steady increase in salaries and perks, structured job content and  good retirement benefits.

Starting salaries range from Rs 8 lakhs upwards depending upon the organization.

4. Government jobs:
            The Government also operates as per the dictates of law and requires lawyers to assist in various legal service departments, to frame policies and to draft legislations. The department of Legal affairs in the Union Ministry of Law and Justice has provided for Indian Legal Services. This is an All India Services and the recruitment is done through UPSC. The Government posts include Law officers, Assistant Legal Advisors and Legal Advisors and others. Job security and good salaries and other benefits , assured promotions are huge advantages for those who choose this route.

Salaries range from Rs 5 lakhs upwards

 5. Academic research:
An education in Law provides an expertise in the area of legal research which requires patience, hard work, genuine interest and passion for research. Opportunities are available in the form of posts of research assistants, lecturers and scholars to head research departments. Prestigious scholarships promoting research provide incentives to people interested in research in other countries like UK and the USA. Hence, this provides opportunities to pursue studies abroad.
People with the flair of teaching can take up posts of lecturers, professors and become part of faculty of leading Law schools.

Salaries range from Rs 5 lakhs upwards

 6. Legal Process Outsourcing:
In the wake of global financial crisis, countries like the US has particularly started looking at cutting costs and the fallout of this trend is the  LPO boom in  countries like India and China.  Routine tasks involved in legal matters such as legal research, drafting contracts, patent intelligence, document review are frequently outsourced.

Salaries range from Rs 4 lakhs upwards

 7. Fighting for social causes:
The true aim of Law is bring about a social change, in the lives of the less empowered, the deprived and the discriminated. Opportunities for social advocacy are available through non-governmental organizations, human rights organizations and international organizations like United Nations, Amnesty and UNICEF.

Salaries range from Rs 4 lakhs upwards

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