AIR 5, IIT HSEE 2015

SRIRAM ACADEMY interacted with Aswathy Venugopal a brilliant student who came with a top rank in IIT HSEE 2015.

Here’s the interview:

1. You have achieved a top rank in IIT HSEE 2015.  How does it feel?
It feels great to have got an opportunity to study in one of the prestigious institutions in the country. It actually gives me further confidence and encouragement to learn more and pursue my higher education effectively. 

2. What / Who inspired you to consider ‘humanities” as a career option?
 I chose humanities as a career option because I had realised my special interest for the subjects ever since my high school days. I was actually self-inspired and my parents and teachers gave full support to this interest.

3. Describe the role played by Sriram Academy in your success.
Once I decided to prepare for HSEE, the first thing that I did was enrolling for the Targetplus online course in Sriram Academy.

The weekly test papers based on the lessons in the study material provided a systematic study pattern extending over a span of about 2 years. I was almost a complete package and the current affairs modules were extremely helpful and time- saving. The mock tests helped me to properly manage time during the exam.

Without the guidance of Sriram Academy, it would have been impossible for me to achieve this feat. I wholeheartedly thank the entire team of the academy for helping me to fulfill one of my greatest desires. The study materials, test papers and mock tests covered the entire syllabus and enabled me to get a clear picture about the examination. Thus, on the whole, it was the right track of preparation that the academy gave which helped me to clear the exam. 

4. Given that the syllabus is very vast, how did you go about tackling the various areas?

Within the time period available for revision, between my board exams and HSEE, I devoted the entire time reading the study material, current affairs magazines, practicing essays and looking for related information in internet and other books.The rest was already part of my syllabus in Class11 and 12.

5. Essay writing is the key to success in this exam.  How did you hone your essay writing skills?
I wrote essays on the topics given in the previous year question papers and went for self assessment, altering and rewriting it several times. So, by the time of the exam, I had a clear idea about the structure of the essay. i.e. what to be included, where and how to present. The rest I would owe to my teachers who guided me all through these years.

6. Would you like to share some tips with our students who are gearing up for the 2016 examination?

 Perfect knowledge about the syllabus, continued focus & practice and hard work are the keys to success. It is also very important to have the right guidance and to follow the right track of preparation.


Aswathy Venugopal hails from Trivandrum. She was a student of SRIRAM TARGETPLUS 2015. She secured AIR 5 in IIT HSEE 2015.