SRIRAM ACADEMY interacted with RANI UNNAMALAI, who secured a top rank in IIT HSEE 2015.

Here’s the interview:
1. You have achieved a top rank in IIT HSEE 2015.  How does it feel?
The moment I knew I was getting into IIT Chennai, I felt way closer to reaching my goal of being an IAS officer. I never had an idea about humanities until a year back when my dad out of the blue read about it in the internet. He told me that it was the best course for me. From then on, I knew I was giving this exam. It was a celebration time, when I submitted my admission form for the IIT HSEE-2015 exam.

2. What / Who inspired you to consider ‘humanities” as a career option?

I always knew what my career should be but the path was blurred. When my dad introduced me into this course, it attracted me at the very instant. I realized this course would take me to my destination and the thought of that inspired me.

My family always had my back motivating me, reminding me of my responsibilities and the purpose of this effort. 
3. Describe the role played by Sriram Academy in your success.
The academy was a catalyst in my ground works. The hand book's contents were precise and were presented in a systematic manner for a student to prepare. I never realized the 4 hours passing by every day. The classes were inviting and gave me more oomph to study. The teachers made it more special and enjoyable. They made sure our gusto was raised when we leave after the classes. The tests made me understand my level. I even felt dejected some days and I realized I didn’t want to feel the same after writing my main exam which became one of my main driving forces.

4. Given that the syllabus is very vast, how did you go about tackling the various areas?
Since I am a science student, I was far away from some parts of the syllabus at that time. I checked my knowledge in each of the topics and then concluded on my weakest and my strongest subjects and allotted my  time and  preparation  accordingly.

5. Essay writing is the key to success in this exam.  How did

you hone your essay writing skills?
I used to send the essays I wrote to my dad and Madam Geeta of Sriram Academy. They assessed it and made changes in it. I kept the corrections in my mind and worked on it the next time I wrote an essay. Even back at school, I made my teachers read my essays and make corrections in it. I have experiences of having my write ups printed in the school magazine in some occasions. This too helped me. 

6. Would you like to share some tips with our students who are gearing up for the 2016 examination?

I learnt that our success goes hand in hand with our thoughts. So, the positive thoughts about getting in is must.  We should practice the old model test papers before the main exam.  Reading newspapers is very essential so we don't spend time on current affairs when there are other areas to focus in the last minute. I started reading newspapers from my 10th grade.  Focusing on the course work is important to crack.


Rani Unnamalai hails from Tiruppur. She was a student of SRIRAM INTENSIVE 2015. She secured a top rank in IIT HSEE 2015.