AIR 72 CLAT 2016
AIR 13 AILET 2016

SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY interacted with ANUKRITI KUDESHIA who secured a top rank in CLAT and AILET 2016.

Sriram Team.

Thanks a lot for your wishes. I'll be joining NLU Delhi.
It's completely my honour to answer all the questions that might motivate other aspirants.

Here’s the interview:

SLA : You have achieved a top rank in CLAT 2016.  How does it feel?
ANUKRITI         : The fact that I have secured a top rank in AILET & CLAT 2016 has not really sunk in yet. It is not an unheard adage that ” Hardwork is the key to success and that it always pays off ". My performance and result in these two coveted law entrance exams have strengthened my belief in them. Really people, discovering your worth out of scores of aspirants out there, making people around you proud & seeing your future secured is very fulfilling & gives an ecstatic feeling.

SLA : What / who inspired you to consider law as a career option?
ANUKRITI         :  I have always been fascinated by tasks which are involving, helps you to grow & give your personality an edge above the others. Law being one such career option, which is currently expanding at a terrific pace, was the ideal choice for me.

Then I have always wanted to make my parents and teachers proud of me. This coupled with my admiration for the gift of the gab inspired me to work hard. But my biggest inspiration was my goal of achieving success & seeing myself somewhere at the top.

SLA : Describe the role played by Sriram Law Academy in your success.
ANUKRITI         :  Sriram Law Academy’s contribution in my achievement is undeniable & worth highlighting, for sure. The teaching tactics of Sriram are superb. The modules & weekly tests help you analyse your performance in individual topics & let you know your weak areas so that you can work upon them. The online mock & offline tests are very crucial as they are surprisingly very similar to the actual AILET & CLAT papers. The students will actually feel that doing well in these exams is a cake's walk if they are thorough with all the tests. The content of the books is refined & one can be sure of his/her preparation if he/she is thorough with them.

SLA : How did you manage to tackle "negative marking" in CLAT?
ANUKRITI:        The trick for managing negative marking is not to be afraid of it & tackle it then & there during the exam itself, depending upon the level of difficulty. If the paper is easy, then cutoff is bound to go high. In that case, take risks & increase your no. of attempts. In the other case where the paper is difficult, don't panic as it is the same for everyone. Just play it safe & attempt only those questions of which you are sure, taking minimal risks. But keep in mind, in both the cases, it is essential to control your instinct of taking unnecessary risk of solving all or very high no. of questions. 180+ is an ideal attempt. Just learn how to balance it out.

SLA : GK is a vast area.  Given that you had to work on both Current Affairs and Static GK, how did you go about it?
ANUKRITI         : I managed GK by not treating it as a burden but as something that will help me beyond the exams as well. I have always been curious about the happenings of the world & read newspaper daily. For current affairs, I depended upon newspapers & gktoday site. I solved a lot of current affairs quizzes online too. As far as static GK is concerned, I feel that Sriram's A to Z GK book is more than sufficient. So make sure, you are thorough with it as GK is a scoring area & ups your rank, to a large extent.

SLA : Would you like to share some tips with our students who are gearing up for the 2016 examination?
ANUKRITI         :  As the full form of CLAT says, it is a law admission test meant for COMMON PEOPLE. The only hassle is the competency level which can be conquered if only if you work hard. So push your boundaries, have faith in yourself, your preparation & your talent. Solve as many online tests as you can & make sure you analyse them. Keep yourself calm throughout the preparation period & the exam time as well. Nothing is impossible. All you have to do is to strive hard to achieve it.
All The Best & Never Lose Hope!!


Anukriti Khudeshia hails from Pune. She was a student of SRIRAM TARGETEDGE 2016.