AIR 306 [CLAT 2017]

SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY interacted with ROHAN C GOVIND who secured AIR 306 in CLAT 2017 and joined National Law University, Jodhpur.

Here’s the interview:

SLA: You have achieved a top rank in CLAT 2017.  How does it feel?
ROHAN: It feels amazing. When I started my preparation for CLAT I never imagined that I would even be able to complete the paper much less, get a good score. And given this year's paper, I wasn't very positive either. But all is well that ends well.

SLA:What / who inspired you to consider law as a career option?
ROHAN: I participate regularly in debating competitions and I enjoy it. Also, my entire life according to me has been a moral dilemma about what is wrong and what is right. But when I started to think about what is legal, it was a whole new angle. At the same time, my aunt was working under a lawyer. So, she introduced me to the profession and I decided to take it up as a career. Finally, when I joined SRIRAM, the legal reasoning classes spurred my interest in law, and everything just clicked into place.

SLA: When did you start preparing for CLAT 2017?
ROHAN: Honestly, I started getting serious in CLAT prep after my first mock results, which was in October of the previous year. Until then it was just a bit of current affairs every day. But after that it got serious. The last few months must have some disciplined preparation.

SLA: How did you juggle between your preparation for Board Exams and CLAT?
ROHAN: It really felt like CLAT prep was a break from Board exam prep. So, it never was too much work. But at the same time, it's important to take other kind of breaks. Play a sport, get good sleep and eat properly, because once you to a hostel you'll really miss your mother's cooking!!

SLA: Describe the role played by Sriram Law Academy in your success.
ROHAN: Call me old fashioned, but the role played by SRIRAM in my life was like that of Dronacharya in Arjuna's life. I wouldn't have got this far without them. The classes were planned perfectly to suit my needs because anyone can get better at anything only through practice, and that's what SRIRAM made us do. Practice and practice. Lots of it. And well I guess the result is self-explanatory. Res ipsa loquitor.

SLA:  How did you manage to tackle negative marking in CLAT?
ROHAN: I really didn't tackle negative marking. I just didn't attempt what I didn't know. But that doesn't mean you leave too many questions. So, I did my best to know as much as possible. It's important to know a lot for this exam. It's ok to make an educated guess occasionally, yet if you're completely unsure of a question, then it would be a risk to attempt it. Because remember, you don't lose 0.25 marks for a wrong answer. You also lose the one mark that you would have got if it was correct.

SLA: GK is a vast area.  Given that you had to work on both Current Affairs and Static GK, how did you go about it?

ROHAN: Hema ma'am was very helpful in this aspect. I'm sure if you approach her,

she will not hesitate to tell you what to read and what to refer. The last two weeks before the exam was only GK and current affairs for me. That's something that cannot be mastered completely but can be covered to the maximum by simple and straightforward reading.

SLA:Would you like to share some tips with our students who are gearing up for the 2018 examination?
ROHAN: Keep a calm mind. Don't think about what will be and what won't. Just set your target and work towards it. There will be failures along the way. You may take too long to finish one mock test, but don't let that disappoint you. The next one will be better. Manage your time well. That's very important. Don't spend your time doing something that you know is not going to help you with CLAT. You can do whatever you want in breaks but don't stray while studying. You're going to have to make sacrifices for a few months. But that will pay off. After you get into a premier law institution you won't feel bad about having missed a movie with your friends. And above all, accept whatever happens in the end. I thought not getting into NLSIU, Bangalore was the end of the world. But now that I'm here in Jodhpur, I realise that this is the right place for me. Keep a positive mindset and move on.



Rohan C GOVIND hails from Chennai. He was a student of SRIRAM POWER 2017. He secured AIR 306 in CLAT 2017.