AIR 22 [CLAT 2017]

SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY interacted with VRISHANK SINGHANIA who secured AIR 22 in CLAT 2017.

Here’s the interview:

SLA:       You have achieved a top rank in CLAT 2017.  How does it feel?
VRISHANK: I'd be lying if I said it wasn't one of the sweetest moments of my life. I was ecstatic that all my hard work and efforts had paid off. I'm extremely happy that I've made it into the college that I was aiming at.

SLA:       What / who inspired you to consider law as a career option?
VRISHANK: From the 8th grade itself, I started participating in Model UNs with college students who frequently used references to International Law. As a result, I started exploring the field and did a lot of research into it.

SLA:       When did you start preparing for CLAT 2017?
VRISHANK: I signed up for SRIRAM's online course in 2015. I started preparation in a focused and proper manner only in May-June 2016, trying to balance it with school work and extracurriculars. I'd say that November-December and April-May were the most important months of my preparation, where I pretty much focused only on CLAT. 

SLA: How did you juggle between your preparation for Board Exams and CLAT?

VRISHANK: I had taken the Science stream in Class 11-12 and I was told that it would be nearly impossible for me to juggle both boards and CLAT. However, I was determined to do well in both and hence this posed the biggest challenge. For me, what worked best was focusing on either CLAT or Boards at any given point of time. (Apart from GK which I tried to do every day).

SLA:       Describe the role played by Sriram Law Academy in your success.
VRISHANK: SRIRAM played a key role in my success. The material was comprehensive and explained concepts very well. (Especially the Legal Aptitude Volumes). The weekly tests were useful and helped master individual topics. The faculty at SRIRAM always clarified all my doubts and even helped me with my mock analysis. The newsletters and GK supplements were life savers. Hema Ma'am's guidance, in particular, was invaluable. 

SLA:       How did you manage to tackle negative marking in CLAT?
VRISHANK: When it comes to negative marking, all I did was make sure I didn't make blind guesses. If out of the 4 options, I could bring it down to 2 then I would take an educated guess. Even apart from this, many times I would trust my instinct and attempt the question even if I wasn't a 100% sure. All one needs to do is make sure that they don't guess unnecessarily and too much, but at the same time also make sure that they don't attempt too little and not trust their instinct. 

SLA: GK is a vast area.  Given that you had to work on both Current Affairs and Static GK, how did you go about it?
VRISHANK: For Static GK I only used SRIRAM GK modules and the GK quizzes.

I also revised all the GK questions from each mock I gave. GK has to be studied in bits and pieces with a proper revision of the past topics covered. 
For Current Affairs, making notes is very important. I used a ring binder and divided into the following sections - National, International, Government, People, Appointments, Awards, Sports, Business + Economics and Science. 
I made notes of the corresponding sections from GKToday, SRIRAM Newsletters and Pratiyogita Darpan magazine.

SLA:       Would you like to share some tips with our students who are gearing up for the 2018 examination?
VRISHANK: CLAT isn't only about hard work but also about smart work. You need to make sure that you do both. Always have a plan and strategy. How do you make a plan? By giving mocks and sectional tests regularly. Analyse them well and understand where you're making mistakes. Work on the parts where you're going wrong. I cannot stress how important it is to give mocks under test-like conditions. Don't panic if your mock scores aren't very good or if you're friends are doing much better than you. At the same time, don't get complacent if your mocks go very well. Always remember to analyse and understand where you're going wrong. Work hard for CLAT and most importantly enjoy the process. This may sound pompous, but it will change you as a person. Best of Luck! I hope to see you at NLSIU Bangalore in 2018. 

Vrishank Singhania

Vrishank Singhania hails from Hyderabad. He was a student of SRIRAM ACHIEVER 2017. He secured All India 22nd Rank in CLAT 2017.