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IIT HSEE - SriramTarget - 2021
For students intending to appear in IIT HSEE 2021
SRIRAM TARGET COURSE is an online cum postal course for all those students aspiring to get into IIT and would like to prepare from home for the entrance exam.
It is a boon to students who want to put in unswerving hard work on a habitual basis at their convenience. It is a well-merited amalgamation of training modules on all subjects, simulated mocks, weekly tests, regular updates, admission news, and above all a customized feedback backed by one-to-one support to students.
SRIRAM has team of Experts from various subject areas, who work in tandem with Alumni of IIT. The SRIRAM Faculty Team has over 15 years of teaching experience. [View Faculty IIT HSEE page of our website].
Past year question papers will always stand as the basis for designing the course structure. SRIRAM Faculty Team spends required time in designing the course modules to meet the demands of the IIT HSEE Admission Test.
SRIRAM Materials.  Here’s why it is a beneficial treasure for students.

Eminent professors of English from Chennai have meticulously developed our training module on English. It matches the standards of IIT HSEE Admission Test.
This module covers topics such as [1] Comprehension passages [2] Remedial Grammar [3] Improving sentences [4] Ordering sentences [5] Choosing appropriate words [6] Synonyms [7] Antonyms [8] Exhaustive vocabulary book. Over 1,000 exercises along with solutions, explanations and tips have been included.


Our team of Math Professors has developed an easy to follow methods to crack the arithmetic problems, which appear in the IIT HSEE Admission Test.
The material has been developed after analyzing the past year papers with respect to type and standard of problems and detailed coverage has been made on the following areas: [1] Ratios and proportions [2] Averages [3] Profit & Loss [4] Simple and compound interest [5] Time and distance [6] Time and work [7] Problems on general arithmetic [8] Sets.
Detailed explanation of the concept, formulae, steps to be followed along with plenty of worked out examples can be found in each of these topics.
More than 400 problems along with solutions and explanations have been provided.

To gain mastery over general knowledge, the subject matter has been systematically arranged in alphabetical order. Hence the book is titled “A to Z on GK.
Each chapter has been dealt in a user friendly manner and it would be sheer delight to study GK.



Logical reasoning is an important component of the IIT Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Exam. Our book on reasoning describes the theory of logic and various postulates with illustrations to explain the intricacies.   Lots of practice problems with answers and explanations have been included in the book.



The History module is based on the syllabus indicated by the IIT Humanities Department. It covers the British period in India, India’s relationship with other countries, Cold war and subsequent developments, emergence of organizations such as UN, NATO, NAM, SAARC and Current political developments.  In addition, it also carries sample test papers with answers.
The Sociology module has an extensive coverage on the topics indicated by IIT.  Self examinations questions have been included in the module.
This topic is a very important component of the entrance examination.  The module covers all the topics indicated by the IIT.  The module also gives information about current ecological developments.  It includes a good number of multiple choice questions with answers.

The Economics module has been developed keeping in mind the topics indicated by IIT for their Humanities Entrance Test.  It covers topics such as National Income, Population, Economic Problems, 5 year plans, Foreign Trade, Indian Banking, World Organisations, Indian Public Finance, etc.,

This book contains model questions on the lines of IIT Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Examination
Detailed answers have been provided in this book for easy understanding
Price of Books [Rs.] Online Tests [with National Ranking] and Newsletters Total [Rs.]
Rs. 8,000 Rs. 6,356 + 18% GST = Rs. 7,500 Rs. 15,500
To help the students prepare effectively for the IIT Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Exam, SRIRAM ACADEMY sends test papers every week on various subjects by email.
Students thereby have access to over 5,000 questions spread over GK, English, Logic, Maths, History, Sociology, Economics and Ecology.


SRIRAM TARGET COURSE entitles the students to 10 mock exams based on IIT Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Exam. 
Every student registered with SRIRAM shall have access to an online support system called MySRIRAM. Periodical updates on GK will be provided online. Regular mock tests will be organized to enhance the level of performance. The mock will be modeled on the pattern of IIT HSEE. Students' performance in mocks will be analyzed and feedback for improvement will be provided.
»  managed by SRIRAM ACADEMY is an interactive site with features such as news you can use, an exclusive corner for SRIRAM students titled MySRIRAM, where quizzes, GK updates are uploaded at regular intervals.
How to enroll?
If you wish to sign up for SRIRAM TARGET 2021, download the admission form and fill it up and send it to us at the following address with a draft favouring SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY LLP for Rs 15,500 payable at Chennai
ANKUR PLAZA, Office No.10, 2nd Floor, 
113 G.N.Chetty Road, T. Nagar,
Near Vani Mahal, Chennai 600 017.
Mob +91 - 98400 97395 /+91 - 99401 62495
Email :
Students residing in foreign countries may please contact us over Mob +91 - 98400 97395 / +91 - 99401 62495 to ascertain the cost of despatch/courier charges. The draft should be taken for Rs 15,500 PLUS courier charges in respect of foreign students.
If you wish to enroll by making ONLINE PAYMENT, you may follow the following steps:
Step 1: Click Admission. You can make payment of Rs 15,500 by Credit Card / Debit Card / Net banking from this website. Alternatively, you can make payment through your internet banking by NEFT / RTGS / IMPS

Step 2:

Our Account Details:
BANK    : HDFC BANK, G.N.Chetty Road Branch, T.Nagar
A/c Type : CURRENT Account
A/c No. : 02068630000102
IFS Code : HDFC0000206

Step 3:Send us a mail to with the following attachments:
  1. Payment Challan / Transaction Id details [scanned copy]
  2. A recent passport size photograph of the student on a JPEG format
As soon as the above is completed, our technical support dept will activate your account for SRIRAM TARGET 2021 and despatch the books to your address.
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