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About us - Why Sriram
  • The only exclusive coaching academy for CLAT aspirants in service for the 15th year.
  • The only coaching academy functioning successfully without franchisees.
  • The only coaching academy with the direct involvement of the founder mentors
  • The only coaching academy with no frills and total transparency.
Toppers Speak
SRIRAM Law Academy played an integral part in my journey. Right from the comprehensive books which focus on the most important aspects of the 5 sections of the exam to the fantastic faculty who manage to spur you on to do exceedingly well to the mocks that really gave an accurate feel of the actual CLAT exam, SRIRAM ticked all the boxes. I found Hema ma'am's advice invaluable and the one-on-one sessions with her to work out strategies and analyse my strengths and weaknesses were, in particular, extremely helpful.
Jwalika Balaji

Jwalika Balaji
AIR 27, CLAT 2018
SRIRAM played a key role in my success. The material was comprehensive and explained concepts very well. (Especially the Legal Aptitude Volumes). The weekly tests were useful and helped master individual topics. The faculty at SRIRAM always clarified all my doubts and even helped me with my mock analysis. The newsletters and GK supplements were life savers. Hema Ma'am's guidance, in particular, was invaluable.
Vrishank Singhania

Vrishank Singhania
AIR 22, CLAT 2017
Sriram Law Academy has been incredibly helpful to me through this process. SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY‚Äôs books on legal aptitude are sufficient to do well in that section. A to Z on GK has everything one needs to know to nail static GK. Also, SRIRAM mocks and newsletters have been indispensable during my preparation. 

Ashi Mehta

Ashi Mehta
AIR 23, CLAT 2016
Probably words aren't enough to thank you for your efforts in guiding aspirants like me and many others to help them reach their goals. I would like to heartily thank Sriram for everything that all of you there have done for me. 
Keep fulfilling dreams.
Thank you.


AIR 3, CLAT 2015
Being a part of SRIRAM was great. For someone like me living in one of India's such regions, that could be called phonetic about engineering and the jee it was hard to even dream about getting to a law school. Tons of pear pressure was something that I found to be the most difficult thing. It was so hard to exist side by side with those nerd math bookworms. And migrating from dreaming about IIT to a law school was even harder for me, personally. Sriram Law Academy ultimately came to rescue. After extensive research online I came to know about old CLAT papers and also SRIRAM. It was only with these books that I was able to get a first look at how CLAT questions look. Sriram Law Times and inspiring stories were of the greatest help. I remember reading it time and again just to keep my belief system pure and be away from any kind of infection from peers, who were there with those fat books.
AIR 2 [2014]

Sriram's weekly tests I should say were the most important of all. They made me study and it was kind of really exiting to solve them and assess my understanding of the material. I thank Sriram Law Academy for playing an important role in my success

Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh
The coaching at Sriram Law Academy has been a wholesome experience. The material provided is very concise and makes facts easy to remember. The best part was the legal classes. They were extremely interesting as well as fun. Another important part of the experience is that we were able to interact with so many future lawyers. The teachers provide support and guidance throughout. I am truly grateful for having had the opportunity to study at SRIRAM.
AIR 7 [2013]
"The Sriram experience has truly been wonderful, a perfect platform to crack the CLAT. The comprehensive material and books gave me loads of practice and exactly the kind of knowledge needed. The mock tests have also been great not only for practice, but also offer real insights to your target. Thanks!
AIR 1 [2012]
Preparing for CLAT 2011 was as interesting as it was challenging. The new pattern was a welcome change- there was a clearly defined syllabus for GK and the Legal section tested understanding of principles rather than Legal knowledge. Sriram Law Academy played an essential role in my preparation with their mock tests and their excellent material.
A thorough study of the Legal Reasoning books left me well equipped to deal with both CLAT and the NLU-Delhi entrance examination.  Sriram Law Times provided an excellent source for current affairs along with the GK supplements.
The most important part was the great deal of personal attention provided. It was reassuring to know that Hema Ma'am was there to clear any doubts I might have and assist me with my preparation.

AIR 4 [2011]
SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY's role was very crucial for my performance in CLAT 2010 examination. The mock tests were well made and tested and tested and improved my level of knowledge. It gave an excellent insight of the CLAT paper which I believe has helped to improve my performance. Finally I would like to thank everyone at SRIRAM for providing me with such excellent material.
AIR 1 [2010]
 “All the questions were of types we have covered in our material / Classes and they were quite familiar. I owe my success to SRIRAM”.  
AIR 1 [2009]
I was part of SRIRAM RAPID COURSE.  The classes were awesome.  The material, mocks and online support were excellent.  Thank you, SRIRAM.
AIR 1 [2008]
Sriram Law Academy’s material and tests gave cutting-edge to my preparation.
AIR 1 [2007]
“My success story began at Sriram Law Academy”, says Prahalad, All India Topper of NLSIU entrance exam, 2006. SRIRAM has been an extremely vital part of my preparation for Law School Admission Test. Most of the work needed to get into the law school was done by Sriram Law Academy. I think that is amply illustrated by the fact that all the students of SRIRAM have fared quite commendably. All the Logical reasoning, Legal reasoning and aptitude, and to a large extent, GK, Maths and Science were taken care of by SRIRAM. Even though English is a subject where individual aptitude is needed, Sriram Law Academy still helped me in the subject through mocks and material. The personal attention showed by Hema Ma’am and Raman Sir also deserves special mention.


AIR 1 [2006]


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