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Law - Sriram Rapid Course
STAR PERFORMERS who attended Sriram Rapid Course 2018

Karthik Subramaniam
[Nalsar, Hyderabad]

I will be eternally grateful towards Sriram Law Academy for the role it played in my journey towards cracking CLAT. The books provided by Sriram are concise and well detailed. The Legal Reasoning and Legal Awareness volumes are extremely well written and formed the basis of almost all my preparation in these areas. I would recommend all students taking up CLAT to enroll themselves in the Sriram Rapid course. The daily tests, coupled with the excellent coaching by teachers, played a very important role in my preparation. At the end of it, it is the mental state of a student that plays a crucial role in whether he/she cracks CLAT or not.

Karthik Subramaniam Bangalore

Krishnan Unni
[Nalsar, Hyderabad]

This was one area that gave me a lot of tribulations because I was always afraid to attempt questions especially those in legal and GK. Hema maam's advice really helped me tackle the issue. She made me realise that refraining from attempting questions was never going to help me score. She asked me to narrow down the choices and then logically guess. I started doing this for the mocks at SRIRAM and my scores improved gradually and ultimately it helped me a lot in the actual CLAT exam.

Krishnan Unni

Philip Ashok Alex
[NLU Jodhpur & NLU Delhi]

The comprehensive and lucid study material offered by Sriram and the experienced faculty which made learning seamless attributed to my success in CLAT. Hema ma'am s modules for Legal Reasoning and Knowledge were an indispensable part of my CLAT and AILET preps. Sriram's Rapid Course was an amazing experience because of their immense support and also the dedicated help we received which motivated us to be the best of what we can.

Philip Ashok Alex Trivandrum
Besides these toppers, plenty of students who attended Sriram Rapid Course 2018 emerged with top ranks.  Their details can be viewed on our results page of the website. Sriram Rapid Course has an unparalleled track record of running successfully for the 14th consecutive year attracting discerning students from all parts of India and Overseas, thus making it the number one choice of CLAT toppers. The competitive environment that these classes provide coupled with high quality lectures and cutting-edge methodologies adopted by the Academy has made Sriram Rapid Course the most preferred coaching program amongst CLAT aspirants
  Sriram Rapid Course 2019


Program Highlights:

  1. Sriram Rapid Course 2019 will comprise of students who will come to Chennai in April 2019 from all parts of India and the UAE.
  2. Enrolments on "First Come First Serve" Basis.  Admissions would be open only for a short period as it has limited seats.
  3. Sriram Rapid Course begins on 05.04.2019 and ends on 30.04.2019.
  4. Fee for Sriram Rapid Course: Rs 29,500.  The fee includes Coaching Classes, Class Tests, Live Mocks, Online Mock Exams. GST @ 18 % : Rs 5,310. Total: Rs 34,810
  5. The above fee is uniform for all students – those who are new to SRIRAM as well as those students who have taken SRIRAM's classroom or online program earlier.  There are no discounts on the fee as only 140 students would be accommodated while over 1000 students apply for the program.  Admissions to Sriram Rapid Course would be closed upon enrolment of said number of students; and parents / students are requested not to bring in recommendation letters for admissions to the Rapid Course.
  6. Sriram Law Academy does not run hostels.  However, it will provide guidance on availability of nearby hostels / PGs / Service Apartments based on recommendations given by past students who have stayed in such places.
  7. Sessions of 3½ hours duration will be offered each day.  Tests / mini-mocks will be conducted every day to keep the momentum of students' preparation.  Students are expected to spend a minimum of 8 hours per day at the hostel / home during Sriram Rapid Course.  A study plan would be provided to all the participants to enable them to effectively spend the time on structured preparations.
  8. Students' Performance Report will be sent by mail to all Parents upon completion of session.
  9. Refund policy for students who enroll for Sriram Rapid Course 2019:
IF You Cancel Refund Amount
Before January 20, 2019 10% will be deducted and the balance will be refunded.
Between 21.01.2019  and 15.02.2019 25% will be deducted and the balance will be refunded.
Between 16.02.2019  and 15.03.2019 40% will be deducted and the balance will be refunded.
Between 16.03.2019  and 04.04.2019 50% will be deducted and the balance will be refunded.
On or after 05.04.2019 You will not receive any refund. 


How to enroll for SRIRAM RAPID COURSE?

Step 1: Click Register. [A registration form will open. Fill all details including your email id and password as chosen by you and click register.]
Step 2 : Log in with your mail id and password.
Step 3: Click How to apply and take a print of the page
Step 4: Select SRIRAM RAPID COURSE 2019 and fill in the enrolment page with DD number and click apply
Step 5 : Print the form and send it to our office address mentioned on the form together with one passport size photograph and a Multi-city cheque [or] Demand Draft drawn in favour of SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY LLP payable at CHENNAI for Rs 34,810 [Rupees Thirty-Four Thousand Eight Hundred and Ten Only]
As soon as we receive your admission form and fee, you will receive a mail from our office confirming your admission to SRIRAM RAPID COURSE 2019
If you wish to enroll by making ONLINE PAYMENT, you may follow the following steps:
Step 1:Click Register. [A registration form will open. Fill all details including your email id and password as chosen by you and click register.]
Step 2: Click Admission. You can make payment by Credit Card / Debit Card / Net banking from this website. Alternatively, you can make payment through your internet banking by NEFT / RTGS / IMPS
Our Account Details:
BANK    : HDFC BANK, G.N.Chetty Road Branch, T.Nagar
A/c Type : CURRENT Account
A/c No. : 02068630000102
IFS Code : HDFC0000206

Step 3:Make payment of Rs 34,810 [Rupees Thirty-Four Thousand Eight Hundred and Ten Only] into our bank account through NEFT / RTGS / IMPS into our HDFC BANK A/c in your city.
Step 4:Send us a mail to with the following attachments:
  1. Payment Challan / Transaction Id details [scanned copy]
  2. A recent passport size photograph of the student on a JPEG format
As soon as the above is completed, our technical support dept will activate your account for SRIRAM RAPID COURSE 2019 and confirm your enrolment.


Sriram Rapid

NALSAR, Hyderabad
  Sriram Law Academy has been instrumental in my success as they managed to inspire me during times when I felt all was lost and had zero self-confidence. The material was extremely lucid and easy to study from. This helped me grasp concepts faster and in a more systematic manner. The newsletters kept me in the loop as far as current affairs were concerned. Static GK was wonderfully divided into relevant topics and were wonderfully presented. Legal Aptitude Part 2 was crucial as most of the reasoning based questions that appeared in the CLAT were either discussed in the book or in class. Most importantly, Sriram managed to bring out the competitive spirit in me which helped me work harder and smarter towards my goals.


About Sriram Law Academy, it's something that I could write volumes on and still feel that I could have written more. I attended the crash course program of Sriram. It was just fantastic. There is no other way to put it. All the teachers in Sriram are extraordinary, but two teachers deserve special mention. The first is of course Hema ma'am. Her classes, in addition to making you adept at solving Legal reasoning questions, are in themselves a source of inspiration to crack CLAT. These classes show us how challenging, intriguing and fun law really is. Hema ma'am is also willing to spend hours to clear all our doubts even after class ends. The second teacher who deserves a special mention is Nakul sir, who handles math. I was never mathophobic. In fact, coming from a family of engineers, math was always my forte. Still, my methods of solving questions largely relied on equations. The way Nakul sir solves a math question is the definition of genius. It is awesome. Even if you are mathophobic, I can guarantee that Nakul sir will make you fall in love with numbers. The daily mock tests in Sriram allow one to keep track of his/her progress and this is very important in preparing for CLAT.

Kottayam, Kerala.


National University for Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

NALSAR, Hydrabad
  If you're looking for miracles, look within, not without. But if you're looking for the means to make that miracle happen; for comprehensive material and for a set of people who can delineate a surefire winning game plan, feel lucky that you're reading this newsletter, that you're a student of SRIRAM.  They prepare you for every contingency (provided you're willing to put in the hours), provide you with more tests than you can shake a stick at; you need but work.  Special mention must be made about SRIRAM's legal aptitude. Their strike rate with the reasoning questions is incredible, with no less than twenty questions picked verbatim from the legal volume 2 textbook in CLAT. Besides that, the legal knowledge provided at the end of every mock test, proved to be as valuable as stardust, as they appeared in the (unanticipated) legal knowledge section.
Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
It is with great joy that I convey to you that my daughter, Upasana P [enrolled in the Rapid Course] has secured AIR 65 in CLAT.  This would not have been possible without the guidance and support given to her by your team of mentors.  I thank you for your concern and unstinted support.



NALSAR, Hyderabad

National Law School, Bangalore.
  Sriram Law Academy has been instrumental in my success and has facilitated my CLAT preparation. The faculty of Sriram Law Academy has also been very patient in clarifying all our doubts and has guided me in our path to success. Sriram law academy has contributed quite a bit to my hard work and my success, especially the current affairs notes of Sriram Law Academy which is the probably the best of all CLAT coaching institutes has been of immense help in my General knowledge preparation. The mock tests and weekly test papers have provided me an insight into how well prepared I was for CLAT. Sriram law books being very coherent and precise facilitated my CLAT preparation. I would like to thank SRIRAM faculty for their support and guidance.
Hyderabad, A.P
I signed up for the Sriram Rapid Course 2014, and I think I can safely say that this has been one of the smartest decisions I have made till date. To be honest, I was initially skeptical about the fact that class was only three hours a day, and I had my doubts over the quality of education which would be imparted in such a short span. However, three days into the course, I was able to rest on the belief that Sri Ram would take my exactly where I wanted to go. While the classes are relatively short, there is no denying that they are extremely effective. The classes were a great mix of fun and work, and all our professors were extremely approachable with whatever doubts we may have had - even though they may have seemed ridiculously stupid prima facie. Sriram managed to instill in me what 14 years of school and 2 years of class tuition could not - the ability to look forward to the next class. Hema ma'am was always ready to help us with any kind of problem we had, even the non-academic ones, and I will always remain indebted to her for encouraging me through the last month.

All in all, the last month at Sriram has been career-changing one for me, and I owe everything that my career will ever become to Sri Ram Law Academy. With the warmest of regards,
Chennai, Tamilnadu


National Law School, Bangalore

NUJS, Kolkata
  Dear SRIRAM, I, Sneha Rao, thank Sriram from the bottom of my heart for all the help and support it has extended me, at all times. The Classes, Tests, GK compendiums and the Mocks were really helpful. Keep up the excellent work! SNEHA RAO
Nagpur, Maharashtra.
Thank you very much for all the help I received from the Sriram Team. The mocks and daily tests set the impetus to work consistently and persevere to do well. I gained tremendous confidence after attending Sriram Rapid Course. The Sriram Newsletter (Sriram Law Times) has been very helpful and comprehensive for a quick revision of Current Affairs, of the past year. A special thanks to Hema Ma'am(legal) and Santosh Sir(Math) for clarifying my doubts and helping me gain a clear understanding of several concepts that I was previously unsure of.


Bangalore, Karnataka.
NALSAR, Hyderabad

NLU, Jodhpur.
  Sriram has helped me with CLAT and AILET preparation. The one month class room program has been a great experience and I'm really glad that we have such brilliant teachers. Thanks to Santosh sir for making the dreaded math easier. Exhaustive study material and regular tests were very helpful. Focus, hard work and determination is what everyone needs to crack competitive exams and SRIRAM has definitely helped me with that.
Salem, Tamilnadu
I attribute my success to SRIRAM. The guidance I received at the institute was great. I would have never been able to clear CLAT had I not joined Sriram. The classes were a treat and I used to look forward to the next class with great enthusiasm and fervor. Sriram was absolutely required to fine tune my preparations and get me into the exam track. The mock tests helped a lot in the time management. I express my heartfelt thanks to the whole sriram team and especially Hema Ma'am for all the help and moral support rendered to me, which helped me in cracking CLAT.
Trivandrum, Kerala
NLU, Jodhpur

GNLU, Gandhi Nagar
  The classroom experience has been invaluable. It has not only given me the confidence but it has made me want to work harder. The legal classes alone get one excited about what law school has to offer. That in itself is motivation to work harder. The mocks and the multiple number of tests we've written in class have helped me know where I stand and what I have to improve. CLAT being a competitive exam requires me to know my competition as well. Sriram provides the right environment for this. All in all this past month has helped me gain confidence not only in myself but in sriram as well.
Thank you,

I had enrolled for your target plus online course. The sriram material was very exhaustive, and covered all topics a very detailed manner with a methodical approach. I found the online mock tests very useful too, as they helped me to know my all India ranking. Sriram Rapid Course, I attended, fine-tuned my preparation to crack CLAT. Thank you Sriram.
Kochi, Kerala.


NUALS, Kochi.

National Law School, Bangalore.
  First of all, I am extremely grateful for the seamless support, encouragement and guidance I have received from SRIRAM Law Academy, without which my preparation would have been incomplete. SRIRAM RAPID COURSE laid a resolute foundation for my entire preparation. The classes @ SRIRAM, the daily tests and the mock exams were very indeed helpful. I also need to mention the special personal care I received from SRIRAM, who were open to my phone calls 24/7. I can say with confidence that a law aspirant would be in safe hands if he/she joins SRIRAM.
With Gratitude, ASHWIJ

Ashwij Ramaiah [Davangere, Karnataka] 
came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.
"I am so delighted that I made it to NLSIU, Bangalore. I credit this success to Sriram Law Academy. The Classes, the course materials covered all the important aspects of CLAT and the mocks built my skill and confidence as the day of the exam neared. I enjoyed the one month crash course in Chennai. Thank you Hema Ma'am and Raman Sir for all the support you have given me." 

National Law School, Bangalore. 
Trisha Chandran [Bangalore] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.

National Law School, Bangalore


National Law University, Delhi.

First of all, thank you so much, for aiding me in my preparation for CLAT. The online tests every week were indeed very helpful. So were the mocks I took. Each mock was different and the level of difficulty kept increasing with each subsequent mocks. The Study materials were just excellent, especially the Legal Reasoning Modules which gave us exactly what we needed to read and plenty of practice exercises to supplement the reading material. The Current Affairs Quizzes and the Newsletters were always useful. And finally how can I forget the classroom sessions, Mrs. Hema Raman's classes were nothing but wonderful. She let us ask as many questions as possible and as a result whatever be the situation given to us in the question paper, we were able to crack them. So were all other English, Logic and Math classes. And once again, thank you Sriram


Srimukundan [Madurai] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.

The reading material provided was exhaustive and the weekly tests helped me in evaluating my progress.  The mock tests honed my skills in combining accuracy with speed.   I am convinced of the correctness of my decision to join SRIRAM online program followed by SRIRAM RAPID COURSE.

Pranahita Srinivas [Mumbai]
 came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.


NALSAR, Hyderabad

NUJS, Kolkata.

The teachers are Sriram law academy's biggest assets.  They meticulously prepared us and ensured that we were well prepared to face CLAT, Symbiosis and NLU Delhi. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Sriram as it was an education with a difference.  We were given adequate training in the form of daily class tests and mock tests.   Detailed answers were given to each and every question which made it easier for further revisions.  All the teachers were very encouraging and they improved our self confidence. 

Thank you Sriram!!
Gauri Pillai

Gauri Pillai [Thrissur] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.   

It has indeed been a great experience in terms of acquiring knowledge and immense support and encouragement from the teachers. I am very grateful to SRIRAM for having helped me overcome my difficulties with regard to CLAT and I have definitely enjoyed and at the same time gained various tactics which will be useful to me not only for the entrance exam but also in future. I also would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Hema Ma'am for giving all the students of Sriram Law Academy ultimate importance. I thank all of you once again for your continuous support.
I hope this relationship with Sriram Law academy does not end here. I will definitely be in touch.
With warm regards,

Anjana Krishna Mohan [Kuwait] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.   

NLU, Orissa.


NUJS, Kolkata.

I was a student who aspired to become a lawyer even since my 10th std. Though my preparations officially started 2 years back, the one month Sriram Rapid Course which I had at SRIRAM is what that has equipped me to write all the main competitive examinations of law in a proper manner. Preparation was of course not easy. But I was able to come out of it and I have no one else to thank but the faculty of Sriram Law Academy, spearheaded by Hema ma'am for helping me all along. Her classes on legal reasoning would just motivate you more to become a lawyer. The English classes by Geeta ma'am were also very fun filled and interactive. Santosh Sir was able to clear all my apprehensions in math and Nakul Sir saw to it that no logical reasoning of his was boring. The mocks were without doubt very useful in honing my speed in solving the paper. If I'm able to get a good score for SET and AILET, then it’s courtesy Sriram Law Academy. Thank you teachers, thank you Hema ma'am, thank you Raman Sir and thank you Sriram Law Academy for making the preparation for CLAT a fun filled experience rather than the usual entrance exam prep.

Bharath Ajith Sreenivasan  [Trivandrum] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.   

“I came from Bangalore to Chennai to attend the Sriram Rapid Course and this has been one of the best decisions I have made. The course materials, quality of teaching and mock tests provided by Sriram are excellent. Thank you.”
With Regards,
Aditya Prasad Aditya Prasad  [Bangalore] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.   
NUJS, Kolkata.

GNLU, Gandhinagar.

My 'Sriram' experience was delightful and reassuring. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every classroom lectures. I especially enjoyed Geeta Ma'am's and Hema ma'am's classes. They explained the tricky concepts in their respective subjects in a lucid manner and were patient in solving my doubts. The material given to us was very systematic and exhaustive. We were also given an adequate number of mock tests, which was a big self confidence booster, before sitting for the final exam!   Thank you SRIRAM for all the help! Vibunandan

Vibunandan  [Mumbai] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.   
Thank you so much for your great support and encouragement throughout this whole journey! It's completely thanks to Sriram Law Academy that I was able to crack the test; it was amazing to see that almost the whole legal section consisted of questions from our Legal Aptitude handbook, and were discussed beforehand in class as "important"!
The exam appeared to be a cakewalk, and by good fortune, I managed to clear the cut off.
Spadika Jayaraj [BANGALORE] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.
National Law School, Bangalore

National Law University, Jodhpur.
  We are very pleased to let you know that our son Chaitanya Murali has done well in the various law school entrance tests including the CLAT, LSAT, Symbiosis, NLU (O) and Christ University. In all likelihood he will go to the National Law School, Jodhpur.  We owe his success to both of you and Sriram Law Academy.  
As you know Chaitanya decided to pursue law as a career very late, around November 2010.  His preparation was largely in the form of the crash course he attended for a month before the exams.  The crash course was very helpful and he in fact was looking forward to those classes every day he attended. He had also subscribed to the online mock tests which gave him the extra practice he needed.
We must also thank you for the patience you have shown in answering the questions my wife and I had and the personal care you showed in encouraging him. Once again thank you very much for helping him reach his career goal.
Warm Regards,
Abirami & K.N.Murali
Parents of Chaitanya Murali
I started of on my first day to the SRIRAM crash course....expecting drastic competition and 45 days of sleepless nights, with little belief in myself and more apprehensions of failure but with each passing day I realized it does not matter what my I.Q or background was or whether my doubt was so silly that it could have people in splits.... what mattered was whether I had the will to give it my all and this realization was possible because of SRIRAM’s encouragement, candour and dedication. THANK YOU for always being there.
Pranjal Mehta
National Law University, Jodhpur.

National University for Juridical Sciences, Kolkata.
  Thanks a lot for all the classes, study material and help that was extended to me through the whole year and especially during the month long session in April.
It was hugely beneficial and helpful.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers who handled the different subjects in SRIRAM RAPID COURSE.
Raghunath Seshadri [COIMBATORE] was a student of SRIRAM RAPID COURSE.
Joining Sriram Law Academy was the best decision I took in my life related to my CLAT preparations.  The best faculty and environment in Sriram coupled with hardwork and determination helped me to walk through the doors of NUJS Kolkata. Kudos to the systematic and intense mock tests, crystal clear doubt clarifications and exhaustive study material and supplements which helped me to tackle this test with a calm and cool mind.  The moral support and guidance of Hema Ma’am helped me have a positive attitude to attain the best in me.
With Sriram, you are in the right place with the right people. GO AHEAD AND DISCOVER THE BEST IN YOU. 
Sandra Susan Mathew [from TRIVANDRAM] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.
National University for Juridical Sciences, Kolkata.



ASHIMA GULATI  National Law Institute University, Bhopal.
  I am so obliged to you for all the guidance without which I would have not even considered law as a career!    i still remember my dad wasn’t that comfortable with law and then he had a word with you and gradually he agreed to it !   I have been a part of your academy for last 2 years now and I feel so special about it.  
I still can’t forget my experience at Chennai at the rapid course. Those 40 days of my life were like a breath of fresh air to me. I actually realized that I was about to compete with thousands of students who were studying day and night to be in any of the National Law Colleges.

With your last minute strategies, I gave CLAT and I cleared it and now am now in a prestigious law school all because of your help and guidance.  Thank you so much!!!!
Ashima Gulati [from AMRITSAR] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.
Dear Prof Raman,
I write this email thanking you and the entire team of SLA Chennai who had enabled my son, Yomkap George Ringu to qualify AILET 2011 for NLU Delhi. Further he also qualified for the CLAT 2011 and was selected for RGNLU Patiala alongwith SET 2011 for Symbiosis Law Academy, Pune. At the moment he is in NLU Delhi.
With warm regards.
Sincerly yours,
P Ringu
F/o Y G Ringu
Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.
Yomkap George Ringu [ITANAGAR, ARUNACHALA PRADESH] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.
NLU Delhi



NLU Jodhpur
  Thanks for all the help and support offered to me during Sriram Rapid Course.  I have made it to NLU Jodhpur.
Kushal Bharadwaj [BANGALORE] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.


It was a delight to be part of Sriram Rapid Course.  It has helped me to find my name in NLU Jodhpur admission list.
Thank you, Sriram.
Asmita Ghosh
[NLU Jodhpur]

NLU Jodhpur


HNLU Raipur
  Thank you for all the support and help.  The entire SRIRAM faculty team was awesome.
Janarth Viswanathan [COONOOR] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.


I am grateful to the professors at SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY, without whose support, I would not have been able to do so well in the law admission test.
Taba Loma [NAHARLAGUN, ARUNACHALA PRADESH] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.


NLU Delhi

HNLU Raipur
  Sriram Rapid Course helped me to do well in the entrance exam.  I am grateful to the SRIRAM team.
Prashasti Janghel [BHILAI, CHHATTISGARH] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.


It was a fantastic experience being in CHENNAI for the Sriram Rapid Course.  The classes were awesome and the mocks were brilliant.  Thank you, Sriram.
Kamya Iyer [BILASPUR, CHHATTISGARH] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.


HNLU Raipur

National University for Juridical Sciences, Kolkata.
  The classes, mocks, daily tests, strategy sessions and the personal support I received from SRIRAM made a complete difference to my preparation.
Deepthi [BANGALORE] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.


Being part of the Sriram Rapid Course was a great experience.  I enjoyed the 30 day session completely.
Anuj Dattathreya [BANGALORE] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.


HNLU Raipur

HNLU Raipur
  I was extremely happy with the faculty support at SRIRAM.  The mocks and the daily tests helped me judge my performance.  Thank you, Sriram.
Heena Kumari [BHILAI, CHHATTISGARH] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.


The classes at SRIRAM were indeed awesome.  I am grateful to SRIRAM faculty for their total support and dedication.
Irfan Sohail [GANDHIDHAM, GUJARAT] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.


RGNLU Patiala

HNLU Raipur
  I am thankful to the SRIRAM Faculty Team for giving me the required preparation and confidence to crack the exam.
Kajori De [BHILAI, CHHATTISGARH] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.
Thank you SRIRAM for the excellent coaching given to me.  My trip to Chennai was indeed a very wise decision.
Lalnunpuna Renthlei [MIZORAM] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.
NLU Delhi

  Thank you for all the help in the past month. My coming to Chennai was the best decision I made, as interacting with so many others was truly inspiring.
The crash course was extensive and exhausting, and made us realise the importance of the upcoming examinations.
I found the GK classes very interactive and interesting. Staying away from home, away from all distractions is what truly helped and I thank you for organising the rapid course.
Aarti Bhavana [BANGALORE] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.
I came all the way from RAIPUR [Chhattisgarh] to Chennai to attend SRIRAM RAPID COURSE. It has done the trick. I am grateful to SRIRAM. 
Vishwajeet Singh [RAIPUR, CHHATTISGARH] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.


NALSAR, Hyderabad.

National Law School, Bangalore.
  I would really like to thank you from the very very bottom of my heart. I checked my results and I stand 31st in the All-India rank and I secured 168, and none of this could have been possible if I wouldn't have had your capable guidance. Thank You so much, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for helping me realise my dream! Thank You So Much. 
Fajr Dar [DUBAI] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course
I would REALLY like to thank Sriram Law Academy for all its support and encouragement. The classroom sessions were just too good. Coupled with the outstanding material given to us, the entire experience at Sriram was fruitful, as the results have proven, and one-of-a-kind. The experience you gain at Sriram is a testimony to the claim that Sriram  Law Academy is not just another coaching center. It's much more than that.. I am very proud to have been a part of the academy, and I am sure that everyone who has taken the course will agree. Cheers!
A.Sneha [HYDERABAD] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course
NALSAR, Hyderabad.



NLU, Jodhpur.
  I came to Chennai from Hyderabad only to attend SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY’s classroom program. It was absolutely fantastic and I am grateful to Hema Ma’am”, says Shreya Rajahamsa.
I went to Chennai from Amritsar to take SRIRAM RAPID COURSE. I am delighted that I have got selected in both NLS Bangalore and NLS Delhi. I am thankful to Raman Sir for all the help.
Rishabh Kapoor [AMRITSAR] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.

NLSIU, Bangalore.


NLSIU, Bangalore.
  “I attended SRIRAM RAPID COURSE [classroom program] and secured a high score in CLAT. I am happy to take admission in NLSIU, Bangalore.
Sushil Dutt  [AURANGABAD] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course

I would like to show my gratitude to Raman Sir and Hema Ma'am for all their support and guidance in preparing for CLAT. Had it been not for their efforts, I wouldn't have secured a good rank and got into NUJS Kolkata. I really enjoyed  the one month I spent at Chennai and the coaching they provided was top class and comprehensive. Thank you so much once again. You will never be forgotten.
Vaisakh [MUMBAI] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.
NUJS Kolkata

  I took  SRIRAM’s crash course at Chennai. I owe my success to SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY for playing a key role in my success.
Sagarika Seshna Sridhar [MUMBAI] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.
My success in CLAT is largely due to the excellent training modules, individual care by professors and mocks. Thank you SRIRAM.
Bibek Sasmal [BALASORE, ORISSA] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course
NLU Gandhinagar

NUJS Kolkata
  I went to Chennai to attend SRIRAM RAPID COURSE. It has paid me huge dividends”, Says GAYATHRI.
R. Gayathri [ERNAKULAM] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.

I would REALLY like to thank Sriram Law Academy, Prof. Raman and Prof. Hema Raman for all their support and encouragement. The classroom sessions were just too good. Coupled with the outstanding material given to us, the entire experience at SRIRAM was excellent, as the results have proven, and one-of-a-kind. “I went to CHENNAI from JAIPUR to take SRIRAM RAPID COURSE. I am delighted that I have got selected in both NLS Bangalore and NLS Delhi. I am thankful to all of you for all the help.
Khushboo Parihar [JAIPUR] came to CHENNAI to attend Sriram Rapid Course.
National Law School, Bangalore.
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