Arvind Sankar, a student of SRIRAM TARGET Plus 2018 program, secured a top rank in IIT HSEE 2018. He hails from Chalakudy.

Here’s the excerpts of his interview with the Sriram Team.

Arvind Sankar
AIR 4 [IIT HSEE 2018]

SLA: You have achieved a top rank in IIT HSEE 2018.  How does it feel?
Arvind: Honestly speaking, I'm super happy with my achievement. No words can explain my current feeling. I was satisfied with the way I gave my test but I couldn't believe that I would go on and achieve such a great rank of 10. I would like to thank God almighty, my family, and Sriram Academy for their immense support and blessings which made it possible for me to achieve my goal.

SLA: What / Who  inspired you to consider 'humanities" as a career option?
Arvind: I was cent percent sure that science subjects were not my cup of cake after I completed my high school. The subjects that managed to fascinate and capture my imagination were Economics and other arts subjects. Again, without the solid support from my parents I might not have dared to go against the "flow". From the autobiographies of world famous personalities, I came to the conclusion that in order to serve your nation, master subjects that can have maximum influence in the life of an ordinary man. This inspired me to take up humanities as my career.

SLA: Describe the role played by Sriram Academy in your success.
Arvind: I am extremely grateful towards Sriram Academy for my great result. I had enrolled for the Sriram Target Plus programme. Without their guidance I couldn't have even dreamt about cracking IIT. They offer you a lot of tips and easier methods to arrive at a solution. Just doing the exercises in the books provided will give you a great amount of confidence to face the exam. The test had questions which were of exactly the same model as in the Sriram Books. Sriram newsletters are must-read ones. Mock tests help you to be aware of the time limit. Rankings help you to compare your performances with fellow Sriram students. They even give you a set of essay topics which proved to be extremely useful. Overall, if you are willing to work hard then Sriram Academy will definitely help you crack the test. 

SLA: Given that the syllabus is very vast, how did you go about tackling the various areas?
Arvind: In my opinion it's humanly impossible to cover every single topic in the syllabus. What I did was I focused harder on topics, especially in Maths, in which I had to toil harder. You can't just develop knowledge on general topics in an instant. It's really important to read newspapers daily. Take a closer look at the vast syllabus, pick out areas which you feel are the most important and believe in your capabilities. Pay close attention to the weight age of each subject and then plan accordingly. 

SLA: Essay writing is the key to success in this exam.  How did you hone your essay writing skills?
Arvind: Essay writing is an art you must master by practice and precision. Reading English newspapers, Books, Articles are the easiest means to develop your vocabulary and imagination. Never miss an opportunity to write an essay as by writing more and more you will feel more confident about your writing skills. Since there is no prescribed format try to exploit the maximum out of your creativity and develop your own narrative style. 
It's absolutely essential to have rich knowledge on the generic topics because only then you can enrich the content of your essay. Memorise famous quotes, interesting stats and figures to make your essay not-so-boring.

SLA: Would you like to share some tips with our students who are gearing up for the 2019 examination?
Arvind: Guys, it's true that it takes a huge mixture of knowledge and luck to crack HSEE. The simple formula is hard work + dedication+ self-belief+ Sriram Academy. To get into the best institution of the country you must prove that you are one of the best. Try your maximum and even if you fall short it will be a valuable experience and value-addition to your life. Be aware of the events happening around you. Daily Spent 1 or 2 hours  solely for your goal. Good luck!