Cherene, a student of SRIRAM TARGET 2018 program, secured a top rank in IIT HSEE 2018. She hails from Kochi.

Here’s the excerpts of her interview with the Sriram Team.

Cherene Aniyan Puthethu
AIR 4 [IIT HSEE 2018]

SLA: You have achieved a top rank in IIT HSEE 2018.  How does it feel?
Cherene:  It feels surreal. IITM has always been my first option and getting accepted is a great privilege.

SLA: What / Who  inspired you to consider 'humanities" as a career option?
Cherene:  I have always been interested in humanities for as long as I could remember. From a very young age, I have been fascinated by and obsessed with the arts, be it economics, history, politics or literature. Honestly, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. 

SLA: Describe the role played by Sriram Academy in your success.
Cherene:  Although an inherent interest towards the subject and habit of continuous reading can go a long way in making it to IITM, without the guidance of Sriram, I would be completely lost. As a Humanities student, I had a good background to the subjects included in HSEE. But in the last few months of prep, I focused solely on Sriram materials. About 70% of the questions that came in the exam were included in Sriram's mocks and books. 

SLA: Given that the syllabus is very vast, how did you go about tackling the various areas?

Cherene:  Studying Humanities in 11th and 12th definitely made it easy to prepare as I had all the concepts clear. Attempting previous papers helped to gain a better understanding of what portions to concentrate on. Sriram materials helped to cover most static GK portions. Newspapers were sufficient for current affairs preparation. Ecology section could be covered by last 4 chapters of 12th Biology NCERT textbook. As for History and Sociology, Sriram books covered everything, especially the test papers on the website. Mathematics was easy, as portions are 10th grade level, so I just had to brush up the formulas. Again, the Sriram book was sufficiently comprehensive. Logic was the easiest part, it was fun and if done quickly enough, the best way to score marks. 

SLA: Essay writing is the key to success in this exam.  How did you hone your essay writing skills?
Cherene:  Most of the time, at least one essay topic would be covered in the 12th NCERT Politics textbook. As I had studied it in high school, essay writing became a lot more easier. This can only help in content, ultimately writing skills could only be honed through constant practice. I wrote essays whenever I had the time to practice. It went a long way in helping my time management, structure and writing skills. Reading Editorials definitely helped.

SLA: Would you like to share some tips with our students who are gearing up for the 2019 examination?
Cherene:  No one formula works for everyone. Try to find out what works best for you, and keep at it. Finally, keep calm during the exam and try not to waste any time in those crucial 2 and a half hours. Good luck!