Jwalika Balaji, a student of Vani Vani School, Chennai, signed with SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY’s one-year program in June 2017. She has obtained a top rank in CLAT 2018 and has secured admission in National Law School, Bangalore.

Here’s the excerpts of her interview with the Sriram Team.

Jwalika Balaji
AIR 27 [CLAT 2018]

 You have achieved a top rank in CLAT 2018.  How does it feel?
Jwalika: It feels surreal. It hasn’t sunk in yet that I will be studying at NLSIU, the premier law school of the country. I was always determined to study only there and it’s a wonderful feeling to have realized my dream.

SLA: What / who inspired you to consider law as a career option?
Jwalika: I was sure that I did not want to do science in my twelfth grade and so I picked the commerce stream. I gravitated towards fields such as journalism, literature and the general field of arts. I wanted my career to involve a lot of speaking and interacting with a lot of people, a general continuity of learning and service to others. Someone suggested law as an option and it just clicked. I took up my first mock test and it was the most enjoyable exam I had ever written in my life. I especially loved the legal section. It became clearer to me that law was something that I had an aptitude for. Once I started attending classes at SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY, Hema ma’am’s legal classes made it absolutely clear that law was my passion. So, this decision has been influenced by several factors which culminated in my choosing law with firm conviction as a career option.

SLA: When did you start preparing for CLAT 2018?
Jwalika: I signed up for the SRIRAM POWER batch, which is a one-year classroom program. I started my prep in the month of June 2017 and by October, I had worked out all the previous year papers, SRIRAM modules and had started making notes for GK. After that, my CLAT prep was consistent barring the two months preceding my board exams. I would say my prep in the month of April 2018 was the deciding factor, as I studied for nearly 12-14 hours every day.

SLA: Describe the role played by Sriram Law Academy in your success.
Jwalika: SRIRAM Law Academy played an integral part in my journey. Right from the comprehensive books which focus on the most important aspects of the 5 sections of the exam to the fantastic faculty who manage to spur you on to do exceedingly well to the mocks that really gave an accurate feel of the actual CLAT exam, SRIRAM ticked all the boxes. I found Hema ma’am’s advice invaluable and the one-on-one sessions with her to work out strategies and analyse my strengths and weaknesses were, in particular, extremely helpful.
SLA: GK is a vast area.  Given that you had to work on both Current Affairs and Static GK, how did you go about it?

Jwalika: For static GK, I depended on the A-Z book by SRIRAM. I felt that it was extremely useful and contained a lot of relevant information without being too vast or immaterial. As for the current affairs part of it, I made notes from gktoday and affairscloud. The SRIRAM newsletters also highlighted a lot of important events and it was interesting the way the newsletters and the online websites complemented each other. Towards the end, I had categorized all my data and prepared a fresh set of notes. I had around 8 notebooks covering topics such as national, international, sports, science and defence, environment and the economy, persons, awards and appointments and states. I found this incredibly helpful because in the end, before each mock, I used to revise my notes alone and didn’t have to be immersed in a sea of GK, as it can be a bit over-whelming at times.
Good luck and I hope to see you at NLSIU Bangalore next year, Jwalika Balaji.