Krishnan Unni, a student based out of Trivandrum, signed with SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY’s Rapid Course in April 2018. He secured a top rank in CLAT 2018, which has helped him to secure admission in Nalsar Law University, Hyderabad.

Here’s the excerpts of his interview with the Sriram Team:

Krishnan Unni
AIR 109 [CLAT 2018]

SLA: You have achieved a top rank in CLAT 2018.  How does it feel?
Krishnan Unni: To be honest, I am absolutely stoked.  I was confident of making it but NALSAR came in as a huge surprise. I am just grateful and happy that my efforts have landed me in one of the premier law schools in the country. 

SLA: Describe the role played by Sriram Law Academy in your success.
Krishnan Unni: It’s as simple as this, if I hadn’t joined SRIRAM for the rapid course I wouldn’t have made it because when I started preparing, I was all at sea. The portions I had to cover were vast and immense. However, the proper guidance of the faculty at Sriram, the lucid study material, the exhaustive Sriram newsletter and the online mocks really helped me correct my mistakes and ameliorate.

SLA: How did you manage to tackle negative marking in CLAT?
Krishnan Unni: This was one area that gave me a lot of tribulations because I was always afraid to attempt questions especially those in legal and GK. Hema maam’s advice really helped me tackle the issue.  She made me realise that refraining from attempting questions was never going to help me score. She asked me to narrow down the choices and then logically guess.  I started doing this for the mocks at SRIRAM and my scores improved gradually and ultimately it helped me a lot in the actual CLAT exam.

SLA: GK is a vast area.  Given that you had to work on both Current Affairs and Static GK, how did you go about it?
Krishnan Unni: Personally, GK was my toughest section.  For static GK, I depended mainly on the Sriram GK module. Towards the end, I used to do quizzes on random topics. I also used ‘MANORAMA YEARBOOK’ for reference. Reading newspapers is imperative for coping up with current affairs. The Sriram newsletter is very helpful as it presents everything in a nutshell. I used to regularly update myself with ‘AFFAIRS CLOUD’. Magazines like ‘CSR’ are also helpful. One important thing that I understood while dealing with current affairs is to clearly demarcate between what’s important and what is not, otherwise you will end up losing a lot of precious time on things that hardly matter!
ALL THE BEST! Give it your best shot and maybe we can meet in NALSAR someday.
Krishnan Unni