Meghna, a student of SRIRAM GOAL POST 2018 program, secured a top rank in IIT HSEE 2018. She hails from Tiruvalla.

Here’s the excerpts of her interview with the Sriram Team.

Meghna. M
AIR 2 [IIT HSEE 2018]

SLA: You have achieved a top rank in IIT HSEE 2018.  How does it feel?
Meghna:          It was completely unexpected, to be honest. I had mixed feelings after the exam, so I was very unsure. But moving on, I'm absolutely elated to join such a prestigious institution and am looking forward to the wonderful experiences it promises.

SLA:     What / Who  inspired you to consider 'humanities" as a career option?
Meghna:          I have always been interested in English and other art subjects. So, it was difficult for me to pursue a degree in just one of those subjects. Diversity was what I was looking for- something in which you learn more than what you had ever thought you would, something that keeps your options open, yet leads you in a definite path. And in HSE of IIT Madras, I found that. My aunt first mentioned the exam to me and my parents stood by me in complete support and encouragement.

SLA:     Describe the role played by Sriram Academy in your success.
Meghna:          Sriram Academy's books and their mock tests were of much help throughout my preparation. The books covered all the basics and were precise and comprehensive, all of which was important for me as I was a science student. The portions were vast and intimidating and Sriram Academy's books and the entire online account containing the mocks, subject-wise tests and current affairs supplements helped me gather courage as well as knowledge. Sriram Academy was with me all throughout my preparation time, step by step and I convey my heartfelt gratitude for the support and help they had provided me with.

SLA:     Given that the syllabus is very vast, how did you go about tackling the various areas?
Meghna:          I was satisfied with my preparation and performance in the English section and the quantitative ability section. With those two sufficiently prepared and ready, I began focussing on the other sections. I went about getting my basics right in Economics and the History, Sociology and Ecology sections. After that, I tried to expand my awareness in all these sections, updating myself in the current issues related to them and important events. They were always interesting and so I never found it to be too much of an effort. And during the last few weeks, I did the mock tests and focussed on essays.

SLA: Essay writing is the key to success in this exam.  How did you hone your essay writing skills?
Meghna:          Essay writing was the tough part. Enriching them with facts, figures, recent related news and making it interesting was a very daunting prospect. But this was exactly what I wanted my essay to be like. Being up to date with current news helped me more than I had imagined. I didn't practise too often and too hard, but I read many essays online and The Hindu editorials regularly. They give you ideas and information and slightly better your skills. I practised writing essays in the last couple of weeks leading up to the exam. I understood that it was important that I write my essay with a cool head.

SLA:     Would you like to share some tips with our students who are gearing up for the 2019 examination?
Meghna:          While it's no cakewalk, it's not at all impossible either. Have a clear plan and time table, but don't be too methodical. Learn the history, context and significance of the things you come across, not just for the exam, but as something that will stay with you for years. This way, even if you don't know a few things, you can reason with yourself to find the answer in the exam. And here, during the exam, it's vital to be rested and to have a clear head. It's the passion and the dream that takes us forward. Be faithful and sincere in whatever you do and go the extra mile by being curious, and thus, you're sure to succeed.